WHY INETWORKS Provides full-cycle software development services to customers

Unique growth opportunities

iNetworks is the next generation technology partner aiming to creating unique growth opportunities for its broad range of customers.

Rapid, Reliable, Rewarding solutions

iNetworks has developed its unique the-3-R approach to create Rapid, Reliable, Rewarding solutions. Unleashing the untapped powers of a whole new world of opportunities for its customers to grow and succeed.

Great deal of technology stack

iNetworks mastered great deal of the technology stack to bring the best of web solutions, desktop solutions, mobile apps, internet of things, (IoT), and e-commerce, among other technologies, to create whole new deal of opportunities to its customers.

State-of-the-art solutions

iNetworks breaks all conventional boundaries in today's technology markets, building and integrating state-of-the-art solutions of different scales and natures, to enable its customers tap into today's markets armed with next generation technologies.

COMPANYSOLUTIONS We are specialized in various web and software development which include the following

  • CRM
  • Specialized
  • Augmented reality
    market place
  • Ride-hailing &
    tracking solution
  • Web development / CMS / e-Magazine / online-community
  • Digital
    career coach
  • Web content &
    experience management
  • E-commerce, loyalty management systems


VCTO Services

VCTO services specializes in enterprise IT solutions. When enterprise solutions do not fit

Building software

E-commerce, e-payment integration, maintenance and support

Infrastructure design

Infrastructure design and hosting services

Software Audits, and Analysis

For performance, security, continuity including, e-commerce solutions, and mobile apps.

EDI and Integration
Machine learning

Machine learning and data analysis service

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions architecture and design.

Digital transformation Consultation